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The Lyttelton Harbour Time Bank
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Upcoming Event:

Repair Café Lyttelton
11 Mar, 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
40 Winchester Street, Lyttelton 8082, New Zealand

Timebanking and how it works.

Need a hand?

Want to get involved with your community?

Want to walk a dog, or plant in the garden but don't have access?

There's often someone in your own community who can help.

Mutual Aid is about creating a web of connection between individuals with every exchange of skills being an opportunity to give and receive and to build a stronger community. Mutual aid provides a counter-narrative to capitalist ideology, and provides for the needs, not profit, of individuals or groups in our community.


The guiding principle is that there are no throw away people, and is based on the work of Edgar Cahn, founder of Time Banking in the United States. We are now moving towards a more 'socially networked' model, with big changes happening in 2023. 

Both Mutual Aid and Time Banking are forms of community skills swapping where no money is exchanged, just energy.

You can contact us directly if you are not on social media.


So what skill would you like to share?


We hold a variety of events.

Everyone has skills to offer.


Things that 
we are good at, things we enjoy.


Sometimes people feel they have no spare time however if we do things we like and get another member to do the things we don’t enjoy so much - everyone benefits!


Offers and requests could be cooking, sewing, gardening, childminding, transport, wood stacking, computer help, music 
lessons, storytelling, and companionship.


Get creative. 


Everyone has a skill to share.


Keep an eye out on facebook for upcoming events, workshops and happenings that you can be involved in, as a participant or to offer your skills. 

Image Left of Origami afternoon creations at 40 Winchester, Nov 23,  2022.

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Drop in and see Skye at the information session at 40 Winchester St, every Wednesday 1 - 3pm

To join the timebank people can go to



or follow us on Facebook,

Lyttelton Time Bank.


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Office hours Wed-Friday 9am-4pm

54a Oxford Street

Lyttelton 8841 NZ

+64 (3) 328 9243


Project Lyttelton is a registered charity (registration number CC26725)

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