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Lyttelton Farmers Market

Whatever the weather, you'll find fresh fruit and vegetables, free range eggs, bread, meat, fish, cheese, juices, herbs and plants at the Lyttelton Farmers Market every Saturday.

On any given Saturday the Lyttelton Farmers Market has from 35 to 50 stalls covering a broad range of fresh products, ranging from free-range eggs to freshly baked bread to meat & fish and cheeses. Enjoy local musicians and stunning views, and you can even bring your dog, providing they are on a lead & under control.

Due to the very generous support of Aquatec we again have live music at the market for all of 2024. And we would have to say we have a stellar parade of super talented come on over!

Details of which vendors will be at the market are sent out in the newsletter every Friday afternoon.


Sign up to our newsletter to see details of vendors coming each week, sent every Friday afternoon.

If you wish join the market as a stall-holder contact us at:​

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