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Repair Cafe Lyttelton

Repair cafe is go! So you can get your broken things repaired for next to nothing, just a koha or kai contribution.

Sun March 11th 12 - 4pm

40 Winchester Street

Zips, rips, electronics, toys, motors, cables, lamps, cups, shoes, I could go on, but you get the point. If you can carry it in, we'll assess it and give it a go, or advise.

  • Do you have things you need fixed? (What are they?)

  • Can you offer any skills to help this event?

You can do both and all after the Farmers Market and before 'Port Noise' festival starts. Please let the Time Bank know if you think you have some time to offer, even if it's hanging out to learn some fixing skills and to log repairs. We'll keep you local legends well fed on the day. Help support sustainability, save you and your Lyttel people money, and keep useful things out of landfill. If you on facebook you can support this event by visiting our Repair Cafe facebook event page and registering your interest, or intent to attend. You can also send messages from there.


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