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Fruit and Vegetable Collective

A weekly bag of fresh fruit and veges available for pick up each week

Fruit and Vegetable Bag

Each week on Wednesday - excluding the summer school holidays, volunteers pack pre-ordered fresh fruit and vegetables for Lyttelton residents.


The Fruit and Vegetable Co-op is supplied under the banner of the Food Together Programme. Our branch is linked to the Community Focus Trust in St Albans.



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The Bags

Vegetable Packs cost $15 for a bag and $7.50 for a half bag. Every week the contents change depending on seasonality.


The collection point is at the Union Chapel, 40 Winchester Street Lyttelton Wednesday afternoon 12-30 to 4pm.

If you can't make that time we are happy to leave your orders at the door for after hours collection.

Weekly orders can be made between February and December.

How to Order

To order please make an automatic payment to Project Lyttelton Bank Account 0208640079190003 the Wednesday the week prior to collection. 


Orders commence on Wednesday February 9th so to to ensure delivery, your payment would be required by February 2.


To identify your order please fill in all three reference blocks on the payment. Square 1 - the first four letters of your surname Square 2 - (order) 1 @ $15 and square three F@V


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Contact Us

Office hours Wed-Friday 9am-4pm

54a Oxford Street

Lyttelton 8841 NZ

+64 (3) 328 9243


Project Lyttelton is a registered charity (registration number CC26725)

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