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  • Alex Hallatt

Updated: Jan 14

A community collaboration between Project Lyttelton, Whaka-Ora Healthy Harbours and Lyttelton Library displaying the work of four local photographers of birds who live in or visit our harbour. The captivating images aim to introduce us all to the beauty of birds and to inspire us to explore the harbour environment.

  • Alex Hallatt

I love the bread that you can buy at the Lyttelton farmers market. It's real. The only ingredients are flour, yeast, water and salt. The sourdough bread lasts nearly a week.

Now that isn't the same as the bread that you buy from the supermarket. The bread that is pure, chemical white and probably lasts for months because of all the additives. That bread has no real taste. It's like 3D paper with holes in it. You can squis it up into a tiny ball.

I used to do that with a slice of this white bread, and then I would put it in a jam jar and lower it into the River Piddle (for real) where I would catch minnows. Minnows love rubbishy bread. But I don't.

I love the bread from the Lyttelton farmers market.

  • Alex Hallatt

I wish I was taller

Those sausages look great. And I like the bird seed balls too, but my owner keeps putting them in a tree where I can't reach them.