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The Welcome Bags

New to Lyttelton? Know someone who is?

Sign up for a Welcome Bag today...

Welcome to Lyttelton

What’s a Welcome Bag? 


It’s a handmade bag full of local goodies hand-delivered to the door to welcome people to their new home and provide a connection to our community. 


We love the Lyttelton community and want all new residents to love it too.


What's in a Welcome Bag

Run by volunteers, The Welcome Bag is handmade from beautiful cotton and contains..


local information

bus and ferry timetables, maps of Lyttelton


details about local organisations and community groups, how to become a Time Bank member, how to sign up for the Veggie Bags,an invitation to join us at the Community Garden and the Garage Sale.

seeds from the Community Garden,

local baking,

 and any other goodies or useful information we can get our hands on!

Keen to provide a warm welcome?

So get in touch if you are:


a new resident or know someone who is,


a local business or local group keen to contribute or support The Welcome Bags,


someone wanting to help with bag stitching, baking, or helping out with coordination and deliveries.



“Cumulatively small decisions, choices, actions, make a very big difference” Jane Goodall

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Office hours Wed-Friday 9am-4pm

54a Oxford Street

Lyttelton 8841 NZ

+64 (3) 328 9243


Project Lyttelton is a registered charity (registration number CC26725)

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