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Lyttelton Emergency Hub

Lyttelton Emergency Hub - the core group of volunteers is continuing to train to open the ‘pop up Hub’ in the event of a disaster that impacts Lyttelton.

We have been meeting with Civil Defence community managers and some of the important messages are:


  • Civil Defence latest guidelines suggest having water (and food) for everyone in your house (including animals) for seven days. Prior it used to be three days but this has been increased.

  • The summer is going to be hot and windy. Civil Defence say fires will be inevitable. Check your gutters, clear debris from around the house etc. If you planting trees/shrubs consider planting fire resistant ones.

  • The best preparation for managing a disaster is neighbourhood connection – know your neighbours, know what resources are in your immediate street. Work out ways of managing together if a disaster occurs.

  • If you want more information about the local Emergency Hub please contact Felicite at

  • Join up: $18 general membership, $36 VIP. Group rates available on site.

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