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Lyttelton Community Carbon Coach

Let's lower Lyttelton's Carbon Footprint together!


Book a visit or, virtual connection to talk with our Carbon Coach, Helen Tulett about ways you can make your home healthier, more cost effective and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. 


Together we can look at your carbon footprint, and plan a pathway towards reducing your impacts through energy, transport, water, waste and food. 


Contact Helen; 027 2593388

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Local Businesses

Are you looking to improve your brand and show your customers you care about the environment? Sustainability encompasses everything we do in business.


Book a session with our Carbon Coach in person or online, to learn more about our Sustainable Business Toolkit.


Make your business more resilient today and save money, and the planet at the same time!

Community Resilience

New-Zealand is at a turning point, we need to reduce our carbon footprint across all areas of society. We will achieve this goal through coming together, everyone's actions make a difference!


In 2022 we will hold a series of discussions, workshops and events around Community Resilience, Food, Transport, Energy, Water and Waste. If you're interested in being part of a community conversation around reducing carbon in Lyttelton, please contact our Carbon Coach here at the link below..


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or, contact our carbon coach to join the mailing list.


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