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About Us

"Notice where the energy is - that's where the magic happens" - Margaret Jefferies

Project Lyttelton looks to build opportunities for individuals from our community to share skills and knowledge around waste, recycling, food, transport, and energy and, utilising the learnings happening in The Garage Sale, The Lyttelton Farmers Market, and the Community Garden, building momentum towards a community response to climate change.


Following a year of transition in 2020,we have strengthened our core projects, looked at what was working well and what required support and after making structural changes and spending time looking at our Kaupapa we are now ready for the next chapter.


We set out our intentions in a Newsletter in July 2021 to all our members, subscribers, supporters, and community (link).


The Newsletter represents our developing purpose and is the culmination of wide-ranging discussions within and outside of Project Lyttelton.  The new direction reflects the hard work gone into the review of Project Lyttelton over the last year and the work that we are all prepared to put in to take the projects forward and to begin to look at what a climate friendly Lyttelton might look like.


As this plan moves forward and our intentions take shape, we look to refine our vision.


We will also be looking to strengthen our governance and look at succession planning for the Board and key staff as well as continuing to seek further social enterprise opportunities to increase financial security to ensure a continuing foundation for the projects, Project Lyttelton employees and the community.


Another task for 2021 is to relaunch on social media with this new website and regular use of social media across all the projects and from Project Lyttelton as an organisation.



The Project Lyttelton Team

Our Supporters

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